Spice Up Your Blowout: The Twisted Low Pony | May 2018

Contrary to popular belief, late-stage blowout hair doesn’t have to be the death of a smooth style, doomed to only exist as a tight bun or a lazy ponytail.
We sat down with Boston hair stylist, Rashonda Williams (Instagram: @rashondatwilliams), to find out what we can do to spice up a blowout during the later stages of your blowout’s lifecycle. Rashonda confirmed that ponytails, buns, or just giving in to wash day aren’t your only options. The same buildup that can leave your hair feeling stiff and seemingly un-stylable, actually makes it so that braids, twists, and other styles hold better.
We’re talking hairspray-level hold, but without the dryness and fragility.
So, next time your blowout reaches the stage in its lifecycle when wearing it down just doesn’t cut it, instead of reaching in your bucket of hair products for the hairspray, to get that tight ponytail poppin, spice it up by trying out this cute, easy to style, twisted low pony look.
PRESSED Blog has the step-by-step guide to achieve this look without the help of a stylist!
The first step in styling this look is getting the flat twists right – here’s how:

1. Start off your flat twists by sectioning off your head in at least 5 sections

2. Grab a piece from the front of one of the sections and split it into two pieces.

3. Take the piece on the right and twist it over the piece on the left.

4. Grab more hair from the section and add it to the right strand, and twist it over the piece on the left.

5. With the new right strand, that was on the left before you twisted the piece over in the last step, gather a little bit of hair and twist over to the left.

6. Repeat these steps until you have no more hair to collect and at that point, continue twisting the two strands around each other until you reach the end of your hair.

7. Congratulations, you did a flat twist!

From here, you can go in a few directions.

You can wear the look twisted down to the ends and use styling wax to seal the ends.

Or, you can pull the untwisted bits into a low pony and slay away.

— Charley

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