Spice Up Your Blowout: Water-Falling Side Dutch-Braid | June 2018

When it comes to getting your straightened, it’s no secret that second day hair is always the definition of #hairgoals. On the first day it might lay a little too flat or be a little too curly (We’ve all had a stylist curl our hair too tight and promise us it will be cute once the curls fall). Day two though… day two is when the strands fall just right – and if all goes well (no surprise sun showers, and no interruptions to your night time silk wrap routine), you may just be able to ride out that day two look for up to a week! But what happens on the day you wake up and your edges aren’t so controlled anymore? What about when your night-time pin curls begin to leave dents that send your ends poking in strange directions? This is the perfect time to spice up your blowout with the “Water-Falling Side Dutch braid”.

  • This first step to getting this look, starts the night before. Get the waves that you see in this picture by putting your hair up in one (or more) wrap around buns/bantu knots, and leave them in overnight while you sleep. In the morning when you start up this simple style, you’ll have some purposeful texture in it.

  • Take your buns out, and part your hair however you typically like to wear it.

  • Whichever side of your part is the smallest is where you are going to make a loose dutch braid.

  • To start the dutch braid, grab a chunk of hair from your hairline and split it into three sections.

  • Take one of the outside pieces and move it under the middle piece, then repeat this with the other outside piece.

  • Once you’ve plaited your hair partly down your head, stop collecting hair into your braid and simply continue the under pattern until you reach the bottom of your hair.

  • Next, don’t tie the end of your braid as you usually would, just let the texture of your Day 3+ hair (and overnight waves) hold your braid together in this simple style.

This is a beyond simple style that takes a regular blowout and adds a fun twist. You don’t need to worry about it slipping out, either. Whatever little bit of buildup you’ve accumulated in your first couple of days should hold your braid at least moderately well and even if it does fall out, you can either secure with some bobby pins, or you’ll have a neat textured ‘do that looks far less effortless than it actually is.

— Charley

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