From One Highly-Textured Girl to Many

Let's face it, as a curly girl (and I'm talking to the super curly, the coily, and even the kinky-textured girls), you have it pretty rough when it comes to finding a place that can consistently press your beautiful tresses in a fast, yet healthy way. Even today, the unique qualities of textured hair aren't covered in standard cosmetology programs, making it extremely difficult to find a stylist that is well prepared to care for your hair. For those coily girls who have found a textured haircare specialist, statistics say that you are spending 1.5 hours waiting before your stylist even begins working her magic on your head!

Pressed Roots was developed as a solution for you. Our team of highly trained stylists have successfully completed the Pressed Roots boot camp, where they have perfected the art of the blowout. They know what's right for every hair type. Yes, even yours! Not only does the Pressed Roots blowout leave your hair healthy and happy, but it also gets you out of the salon in 1-2 hours.... Every. Single. Time.

Hair is an important part of our culture - a part of our roots. It's not simply about the aesthetic, it's a ritual. While the journey to healthy hair is unique to each person's hair texture, it shouldn't have to be difficult, or inconvenient. On the contrary, it should be enjoyable. Pressed Roots is the solution, and we are coming to a city near you!

xx Piersten Gaines
Founder, Pressed Roots

Letter from the Founder

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         The                                     Promise

From the products we use, the tools we choose, to our styling method, your hair's health is our priority.

We know that time is money. Our signature straightening method guarantees to get you in, get styled, and get going.

The journey to healthy hair is a ritual that is to be enjoyed. Indulge in complimentary bubbly, green juice, and wi-fi while you #getpressed.

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Letter From the Founder