Pressed Roots | March 2018

We’ve all been there.

Young and grumpy about our too tight braids and/or ponytails.
So, our parents finally make us an appointment at a salon where we wait and wait while the stylists chatter around with more than one client already in their chairs in various stages of done. Finally, our turn. They wash and talk, and roll our curls into curlers – and then we sit even longer under a hot dryer. The whole process takes several hours and often hurts just as much as braids or gelled up-dos. We cycle through different stylists as we grow up—this one insisted on curling it at the ends, that one was too rough with her tools, and the last one tried a relaxer and damaged our hair so badly we had to cut it all off.

But, we continue to religiously make our weekly appointments and avoid every pool or rain shower that’ll curl our hair back up in between.

Would it surprise you to find out that standard beauty schools don’t teach stylists how to properly care for ethic hair textures? Probably not. This lack of cosmetic education is why we need to bounce around from stylist to stylist without ever finding the perfect one. This disregard for more “challenging” textures is why there only seems to be one stylist in the salon who will even attempt to tame our curls—and they often don’t even do it right. We spend so much energy searching for salons and consulting with stylists, so much time sitting in salons, and SO much money on regular appointments, travel to and from salons, and fancy hair treatments promising smooth results but delivering damage.

Why is it that our straighter-haired friends can book and complete a hair appointment in the same three hours, but we can’t?

Well, there’s no reason wash day needs to take all day. Pressed Roots gathers the stylists that know how to do your hair in a single location. We put them through our curly hair boot camp and test them to make sure they are ready to bring you in and get you out with healthy blown-out hair in the same time it takes to cook and eat a frozen pizza.


Here on Pressed Blog we will help you maintain that ‘do.

We’ve got the DL on how you can keep it silky overnight for that real #IWokeUpLikeThis and the best ways you can keep it healthy, so you don’t need to big chop if you don’t want to.
Think of us as a big sister. We went to all the salons, tried all the treatments, cut off damaged hair more than once. Now we are here to help you to not do that.
We got you, sis.
— Charley