Spice Up Your Blowout | May 2018

Let’s talk about the typical life cycle of a blowout.

Day one: no one can stop you. You’ve got that Pocahontas, “Colors of the Wind”, silky hair, that moves and grooves with every wind gust – and you couldn’t feel better about it. Naturally, you wear your hair down, and let those freshly pressed strands flow freely.
Day two through six: you’re still rocking it down. After all, you did spend that hard-earned money, and a lot of effort to turn your luscious curls into a sleek masterpiece.
By day seven, that Pocahontas flow isn’t quite what it used to be. This is when you put your hair up in that good old bun (or ponytail), and it stays in that style until your regularly scheduled wash day.
One of the most amazing characteristics about our hair, is its versatility. Why is it that just because you got a blowout, all of your styling options are narrowed down to two styles: up or down?
We’ve got news for you.
That’s a myth.
In fact, your blown out hair opens you up to a whole new world of styling options – styles that actually work best with your straight natural hair.
Flexirods, Curlformers, and Up-Dos are all methods that can put a little spice in your blowout lifecycle.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts, as P R E S S E D Blog has you covered with in-depth straight natural styling tutorials. We will give you step-by-step guides on how to achieve some of the cutest styles to rock that blown out hair that can be easily achieved on your own.
For now, besides helping you look your flyest, our priority at P R E S S E D Blog is to help you achieve your healthiest hair. Below, we have armed you with a few rules to keep in mind when considering DIY styles that will spice up your blown out hair lifecycle:
1. Loosen Up
Up-do’s are cute and a great option to spice up your blowout lifecycle, but tight hairstyles can lead to breakage and permanent hair loss. Make sure that you are not tugging at your edges when you opt for this option, and if you must wear a tight style, make sure you take it out before you go to sleep!
2. Minimum Additional Heat
While heat isn’t inherently damaging, anything in excess can become problematic. It’s best to limit your heat styling to once every one-two weeks. Obviously, this isn’t always possible. A surprise rain shower, or an extra humid day may leave you with no other option but to touch up your hair with some heat. However, when it’s possible, it’s best to keep additional heat to a minimum.
3. Hands Off
Lastly, after you style it – keep your hands off. Your hands collect dirt, grime, and oils throughout the day. When you play with your hair, you get that dirt and grime from your hands in your hair, which contributes to buildup. Also, touching your hair can also remove some of those good natural oils from your scalp, leaving your hair dry and brittle, and more susceptible to breaking. Keep from any extra twirling, fussing, rubbing, adjusting, scrunching, and touching after you achieve your desired look.
Stay tuned for our detailed tutorial on ways to achieve these spiced up straight natural styles on your own.
— Charley