The P R E S S E D Experience | April 2018

If you’ve ever walked into a new salon to meet a new stylist, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I reference the “new salon anxiety” that takes over you. First, you must get your new stylist up to speed on your “hairfax”. You know, the same way that used car buyers get history reports on the cars that they are thinking about buying – “carfax”, we have to provide history reports to new stylists about our hair. The first several minutes with a new stylist is spent explaining our hair texture, what our hair can and cannot take, the traumatic hair experiences that we’ve had in the past, etc. All just to equip them with the knowledge that will hopefully help them avoid damaging our hair. The next challenge, is then having to explain to our stylist exactly what look we want. This is their first time seeing us, so they don’t know what “the regular is”. Finally, when our stylist is doing her thing – washing, blowdrying, heat protecting, the works – we are clueless about what products she’s using, and why. It feels awkward to ask for an update during every step. Well, the PRESSED Roots experience is designed so that you never have to experience that new salon anxiety feeling again. At Pressed Roots, you receive the same healthy blowout every time, regardless of the stylist, regardless of the location.

Here’s how:
Pre-Appointment Quiz
Every curly girl’s hair is unique. Before you come in for your Pressed Roots appointment, we give you a quick quiz to complete, that tells us about your texture, hair type, and history, so your stylist knows the basics before you even show up. Your stylist then uses this information to make preliminary decisions about what products to use and how best to heat style your hair for minimal damage.
It’s not uncommon to go to a salon and leave with curled ends or a body wave that you never asked for. We want you to be able to sit back and relax while you are at the salon, instead of having to anxiously wait for the appropriate time to tell your stylist where you like your part, or not to bump your ends.
After checking in, you will receive a style menu that gives you style options from which to select how you want your hair to look. Just tell your stylist what style you like, along with details such as where you part your hair, and then you can chill.
Hair Diagnosis
While your stylist gets acquainted with your hair in-person, they will explain the products they will be using throughout your blowout and why. The stylist’s first priority—besides sending you out the door looking F A B U L O U S—is that you leave with your curls undamaged. Part of the magic of our hair is that we can wear so many styles. If we can’t revive our curls, then the magic is gone.
Now, we know that us curly girls loooooove us some hair products. When our hair is curly, we just can’t use enough. And for those of us that wear protective styles, such as braids or extensions, we know that they are often difficult to thoroughly wash. These practices leave the roots of our hair and our scalps with tons of buildup of product, sweat, skin, and dead hair. Yuck! Buildup weighs your hair down, preventing movement and flow. If you want to achieve that, Naomi Campbell, fresh off the runway, hair movement, a good wash is necessary.
Using the products that your stylist has selected based on your hair diagnosis and hair quiz, she will wash your hair twice to ensure that all the buildup is gone. With such a thorough washing, you get to lay back and enjoy the best part of getting your hair done: the head massage.
Blow dry and Flat Iron
After detangling your hair, your Pressed Roots stylist will blow dry your hair thoroughly using the “Pressed Roots blowout” technique, on a heat setting that works for your hair and avoids damage. After blow drying your hair straight, your stylist will pass over your hair with a flat iron (also at a healthy heat) to give you that signature sleek, #pressed style.
There is no better feeling than getting your hair done at a salon that gets it right. But what if you have an emergency, and you need to re-create that salon look at home? At the end of your Pressed experience, you will receive a prescription of the products used on your hair during the visit, as well as directions for keeping your blowout fresh several days after. We leave you armed with knowledge about your hair, and its needs, as well as the products that cater to those needs.
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— Charley